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CORFU Greece

Corfu is one of the most popular and beautiful Greek islands. With a wealth of natural beauty, a rich culture that spans centuries and a gentle magnetic appeal, it is easy to see what draws people back year after year. Corfu’s diverse coastline offers beaches that range from glorious sweeps of golden sand and bustling seaside resorts, to enchanting white-pebbled coves.

PAXOS Greece

If there is a paradise for olive trees, then it must be Paxos. Paxos at its essence it is a mass of limestone moulded into beautiful hills which are covered with olive groves. The island is a natural beauty boasting small bays and beaches with crystal clear water on the east coast and dramatic cliffs, caves and incredible rock formations on the west coast.

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Halikounas, Kanouli, Prasoudi

South Corfu
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The South West coast of Corfu has many long stretches of sandy beaches and among them is the long stretch of Halikounas Beach with its extensive sand dunes. Halikounas sandy beach is located on Lake Korission (saltwater). The lake Korrision in Corfu is a place with rich wetland, it is 5km long and 1km wide at its center and is a haven for over 100 species of birdlife, including great white egrets and curlews. Turtles and tortoises abound. Many birds, on their way to warmer countries, stop by the calm waters of the lake. If you are lucky you will watch and a flock of migratory birds and more specifically the flamingos. The lake Korrision is a “Natura” protected area.

Almiros, Acharavi

NorthEast Corfu
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Almiros area has the most fantastic sandy beach in the north of Corfu. It is an 8 klms huge and unspoilt swathe of beach with gently shelving crystal waters, ideal for children or for persons looking to spend their beach time on a massive untamed area.

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