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Alepou is a large residence, as well as a suburb on the southwest of the city of Corfu. It’s a densely populated area with public services, big super markets and shops of all kinds. A unique attraction of the area is the river of Potamos  which flows from the hills around Sinarades and travels a distance of approximately 7 kilometers to the outfall of Alykes.

  • Sunbeds & Umbrellas

  • Super Market

  • Boat Hire

  • Taverna Restaurant

Alepou is mentioned in scriptures since the 16th century as borgo (suburb). Concerning the naming of this residence, various versions apply. Some claim that it is named after a variety of grapes called «aloupou», which obviously grew in abundance in the area, while others believe that it is an alteration of the family name of the landowners Alpuzza, which was written in the Libro d’ Oro since 1559. Of course one cannot exclude the possibility that the naming of the village comes from the clever animal, the fox.

The first residents of Alepou, as well as in many other villages, were the people who worked off the land for their landowners. It is known that in 1584 the temple of Agia Paraskevi was built in the center of the initial residence. During the 18th century the main landowners of the area were called Tsirigkaki, Koskina and Tissarchontou.

A special event in the history of Alepou occurred on the 13th and 14th of September in 1943 when 800 homeless people out of a number of 18.000 managed to find shelter there, escaping from a fire in Corfu. In fact the shelter still exists on the road leading to a passageway of Alepou towards Triklino on the left side down the hill.

  • Corfu Town: 2 km
  • Port: 2 km
  • Airport: 1 km
  • Yacht marina: 7 km
  • Golf club: 11 km
  • Beach: 2 km
  • Nearest restaurant: 50 m
  • Nearest super market: 50m
  • Nearest bus stop: 50 m

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  • Corfu Town

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